FSIS has posted on its website an outbreak investigations overview and summaries of outbreaks investigated during fiscal years (FY) 2017, 2018, and 2019. The overview provides information about how FSIS is notified about outbreaks, the types of information FSIS evaluates to help inform Agency actions, and how FSIS captures and applies outbreak lessons learned. The annual outbreak reports summarize information about outbreaks investigated during each FY, including the number of outbreaks, pathogens, products, illnesses, and how many outbreaks resulted in a product recall. The annual reports also highlight lessons learned from outbreak after-action reviews.

FSIS collaborates with public health partners to investigate foodborne illness associated with FSIS-regulated products to determine which specific products are making people sick so that these products can be removed from commerce to prevent additional illnesses.

To view the reports, please visit the Data Analysis and Reporting page on the FSIS website.

To view after-action review reports for specific outbreaks and learn more about outcomes of FSIS outbreak investigations, please visit www.fsis.usda.gov/OutbreakOutcomes.

Source: FSIS