Every fourth restaurant and café in Sweden provides incorrect information about allergenic ingredients, according to a report from the Swedish Food Agency (also known as Livsmedelsverket in Swedish).

In a national control project, the Swedish Food Agency reviewed the allergen information provided by 2,172 restaurants and cafes for a total of 4,344 products. Of the businesses, 25 percent provided incorrect allergen information for 17 percent of the products.

Businesses most commonly provided incorrect information for allergens mustard and celery, accounting for 223 and 171 cases respectively. Incorrect information regarding milk, eggs, and gluten was given in more than 100 cases each. Additionally, incorrect information uncommon regarding peanuts and nuts, together accounting for 13 cases.

The Swedish Food Agency expresses concern about the frequently incorrect information provided for milk, eggs, and gluten, as it is common to have such allergies in Sweden, and reactions to these foods can be as serious as allergic reactions to peanuts or tree nuts.