The Petrochem Group, a major distributor in Ireland, has built a relationship with Bürkert to deliver valves and instrumentation components for the dairy sector with optimum performance and value. The relationship also provides an excellent trade-counter service, ensuring knowledgeable staff with a firm connection to the equipment manufacturer.

Originally founded to supply the petrochemical market, Petrochem’s current vision includes all sectors within the process industry including food and beverage. Supplying tubing and hardware is a mainstay of Petrochem’s expertise, and Bürkert’s valves and instrumentation are now integrated within the Petrochem portfolio. Among Petrochem’s biggest customers are contractors for large engineering firms who design and specify projects for the dairy industry.

When it comes to valves, valve actuation, instrumentation as well as the control and measurement of pressure, flow, and temperature, many projects have specialized requirements. Therefore, Petrochem relies on Bürkert’s knowledge to help guide detailed specification. With Petrochem’s technical know-how of valves and instrumentation, the company can arrive at a very close specification that, if required, Bürkert engineers can fine-tune.