Rousselot® recently announced its new SiMoGel™ gelatin solution for the production of starch-free deposited gummies. The absence of molding starch in the making of gummy-type products ensures a hygienic production environment and helps to avoid the cross-contamination of vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients.

Using SiMoGel, producers can directly deposit gummies into silicone or metal molds, or into blister packs. Depending on the recipe, SiMoGel setting time is less than 15 minutes, saving production time. The solution also provides end products with a unique texture and flavor release, and offers manufacturers the freedom to create 3D shapes, stripes, and fillings. Additionally, SiMoGel enables manufacturers to produce sugar-free products.

The SiMoGel-based production process has been successfully validated on an industrial scale with Baker Perkins.