ImagoAI Inc. has entered a new collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to develop a handheld mycotoxins test that can produce rapid results on the spot.

ImagoAI’s Galaxy mycotoxins test, a first-of-its-kind rapid and eco-friendly mycotoxins test, has recently received the AOAC PTM certificate, making it the world’s first certified hyperspectral imaging-based mycotoxins test. Galaxy delivers mycotoxins results in under 30 seconds without requiring any chemical consumables or reagents.

The Galaxy mycotoxins test has already set a new standard in mycotoxin testing with its unprecedented speed. By leveraging the cutting-edge Hyperspectral Imaging technology, Galaxy provides real-time mycotoxin results, ensuring that feed mills, flour mills, wet/dry mills, grain elevators, pet food, ethanol plants, and food processors are protected from harmful mycotoxins.

The handheld version of Galaxy, called GalaxyLyte, will retain the powerful capabilities of its benchtop predecessor, ensuring that it continues to deliver fast and accurate results.

The new collaboration will fast-track the development of the handheld GalaxyLyte. By combining ImagoAI’s innovative approach with USDA’s extensive research and development expertise, the research collaboration aims to set new benchmarks in the industry.