Food safety is paramount in the production process, and crucial for protecting consumers from health risks associated with allergens and contaminants. Recognizing this, Ammeraal Beltech introduces the Dectyl metal-detectable conveyor belt range, a pioneering solution in their line of detectable belts.

Since its establishment in 1950 in the Netherlands, Ammeraal Beltech has been a global leader in providing high-quality food-grade conveyor belts meeting stringent international food safety standards such as the American FDA and the European USDA.

Introducing the Dectyl Metal-Detectable Synthetic Fabric Belt Range

The Dectyl belt range addresses key challenges in food manufacturing by safeguarding product integrity and upholding brand reputation. 

Crafted from synthetic materials with highly detectable material, these belts could be easily identified and removed, even in the smallest fragments, if broken from the production line using metal detectors. This ensures product safety across various food segments, from meat processing to confectionery production. 

Resilient to oils, fats, and cleaning agents, these belts effectively mitigate contamination risks, elevating food safety to a level never matched before.

Ensuring Consumer Safety

Dectyl belts come with unique test cards, enabling proof and determination of the minimum detectable size of a Dectyl belting part under actual operating conditions. 

This uniqueness underscores Ammeraal Beltech commitment to excellence, as no industry standard exists for metal detector sensitivity. The detectable fragment size varies depending on factors like the size of the metal detector, belt speed, environmental conditions, the food product being processed, and much more.

Ammeraal Beltech Commitment to Food Safety

From Ultrascreen XMD (X-ray & metal-detectable) mesh belts even PRO with positive drive, to Rapplon MD elastic homogenous belts, UltraScraper MD, and Soliflex XMD homogeneous belts, Ammeraal Beltech offers a comprehensive range of food-grade solutions to exceed customer expectations and enhance food safety standards.

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