SÜDPACK has enhanced its flexible food packaging films for thermoforming applications, such as for fishery products. The new Multifol Extreme combines maximum functionality and lightweight efficiency.

Due to its high sealing performance and puncture resistance Multifol Extreme is ideal for packaging fatty, protein-rich, or sharp-edged products such as fresh or frozen fish, white fish, and herring portions. Even if the sealing surfaces are contaminated, the excellent sealing performance of Multifol Extreme provides top production reliability and high package quality with a very low degree of leakage.

Additionally, the optimized high-performance film weighs approximately 20 percent less than the previous version, Multifol NT, and around 30 percent less than conventional PA/PE structures on the market. This means that 150 micrometers (µm) of Multifol Extreme film can replace conventional thermoforming films with a thickness of 200 µm, without compromising on product protection. Producers can achieve further material savings by combining a Multifol Extreme base film with a lidding film from the same product family. The optimized packaging concept saves resources and can reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

Another significant aspect is that lightweight packages have an impact along the entire logistics chain, with additional ecological and economic benefits. Due to the thinner film, each reel contains more material, which translates into lower storage and transport costs. Fewer reel changes also means less down-time for packaging machines.

Fishery products are extremely susceptible to oxidation, so excellent mechanical protection and good packaging barrier properties, especially in terms of oxygen, are essential to the extending the shelf life of these high-value foods. With Multifol Extreme, SÜDPACK offers a solution for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging, which provides optimal food protection despite thinner material. Apart from fresh product packaging, the concept is also ideal for extreme-temperature applications such as frozen foods.

In terms of the packaging process itself, SÜDPACK’s new development also offers outstanding thermoforming properties with large drawing depths and good processability on all common thermoforming packaging machines.

SÜDPACK: www.suedpack.com