Prinova Europe is launching PlantGuard™ AM, a plant-based antimicrobial ingredient that inhibits the growth of yeasts, molds, and bacteria. Addressing the increasing demand for natural preservatives, the solution is clean label-friendly.

PlantGuard is a proprietary blend of natural extracts from plants that have been used in nutritional supplements for many years due to their antioxidant properties. The solution extends freshness and shelf life, delays the onset of rancidity, hinders microbial growth, and conserves flavor and color.

The heat-stable, neutral-tasting preservatives perform well against synthetic alternatives in a range of foods and beverages, and it can replace artificial preservatives across a number of product lines with a low dose rate and cost. Prinova’s technical team works with customers to help identify the optimal PlantGuard solution for each brand.

Prinova created PlantGuard as a result of manufacturer interest in natural antioxidants to meet an increasing demand for simple, authentic ingredients. PlantGuard provides a solution that leverages the functionality of natural ingredients to enable clean labeling, less food waste, and longer shelf-life in fresh produce and packaged goods.

PlantGuard™ AM, which can be used in applications including dairy, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals, and juices, will be showcased at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris from December 6–8, 2022, alongside the antioxidant PlantGuard ™ FS (fat-soluble for high-fat applications such as pastries, fried foods, and mayonnaise) and WS (water-soluble for lower-fat products including bread, reduced-fat spreads, and sauces).