PPG has announced its new product, PPG Innovel® PRO, an enhanced internal spray coating that uses no bisphenol-A (BPA) or bisphenol starting substances. PPG Innovel PRO provides robust application properties for recyclable aluminum beverage cans.  

PPG Innovel PRO is a next-generation, high-performance acrylic coating that expands on PPG Innovel’s decade-long tenure as the market’s most widely used non-BPA internal beverage spray coatings. PPG Innovel PRO complies with all global food contact standards for consumer safety, and its improved application properties provide operational benefits for can production facilities.

Validated against the PPG SAFEASSURE™ protocol for safe food-contact coating development, PPG Innovel PRO reliably supports the growing range of goods that beverage brands intend to can. The coating features a lower migration profile than standard epoxy and epoxy-mimic coatings, and all PPG Innovel internal spray coatings have achieved a Platinum CRADLE-TO-CRADLE® material health certification from the Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute.   

PPG: https://www.packagingcoatings.com