EAS Consulting Group is pleased to announce the release of a complimentary white paper that assists the food industry with understanding where risks of COVID-19 lie and how to protect staff and production lines.

As states begin to ease restrictions, the dawn of a new sense of normalcy is on the horizon. For FDA and USDA regulated industries, that new normal requires immense planning and preparation for the protection against COVID-19.

  • Have you updated your facility and staff hygiene operations, and were Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) change controls incorporated?
  • Have your employees been trained on how to safely operate equipment?
  • Have you completed a “deep cleaning” and swabbing of key areas of the facility, equipment and “high touch” surfaces to verify your cleaning has been effective?
  • Do all of your employees understand and comply with sanitation and hygiene standards?
  • Are you in need of new overseas ingredient suppliers and have they been vetted against GMP requirements, the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Rule, and US FDA Preventive Control regulations?

COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges to FDA regulated industries and EAS Consulting Group, with our over 150 independent regulatory consultants, have stood with clients from the beginning, helping to assess vulnerabilities, enhance policies and procedures and conducting virtual audits during the time of reduced travel to maintain continuity of GMP operations in accordance with FSMA, HACCP and more.

Independent Consultant Angel Suarez has prepared a white paper on regulatory and practical requirements around COVID-19 to ensure a risk-based approach to safe production. Download the EAS White Paper directly on the EAS website.

Additional COVID-19 resources are available on the EAS website in a special COVID-19 section of the homepage.