To address the growing demand for recyclable packaging options, and in collaboration with supply chain partners, ExxonMobil has successfully helped develop a recyclable MDO-PE//PE laminate, suitable for a variety of foods and liquids.

The high-barrier, recyclable MDO-PE//PE laminate is engineered to provide excellent barrier properties against oxygen and moisture, ensuring optimal product freshness and protection.

The new solution not only meets the functional requirements for a wide range of food packaging applications, from dry goods to liquids, but also offers outstanding stiffness and clarity, making it a viable alternative to traditional materials such as PET and BOPP. Additionally, the solution addresses the challenge of maintaining barrier properties while ensuring ease of recyclability, often a limiting factor in conventional packaging materials.

The laminate leverages ExxonMobil polyethylene resin, Hosokawa Alpine film line, Henkel barrier coating, Nordmeccanica Group vacuum and coating machinery, and Univel printed film.