ExxonMobil has published a case study that showcases its recent collaboration with plant-based foods provider Bonduelle and packaging manufacturer Constantia Drukpol to develop a recyclable, non-laminated freezer film that meets both sustainability goals and the rigorous demands of freezer packaging.

The project aimed to transition from traditional laminated metallized films to a mono-material polyethylene (PE) solution, enhancing recyclability and reducing complexity. ExxonMobil, with its advanced PE resin technology, and Constantia Drukpol, known for its expertise in PE film conversion, joined forces to create a packaging solution that not only meets the functional requirements of freezer films—such as sealability, mechanical strength, and puncture resistance—but also supports Bonduelle’s commitment to a circular economy.

Utilizing ExxonMobil’s Exceed™ performance PE, the new film achieved better performance in puncture and tear resistance, especially for challenging-to-pack vegetables like spinach and broccoli. This development enables Bonduelle to meet its 2025 goal of 100 percent recyclable or reusable packaging and represents a significant step forward in reducing plastic usage, with a 25 percent reduction in packaging material for the company’s frozen product range in France.