The European Food Safety Authority has announced an open call for data regarding food additive occurrence in food and beverages intended for human consumption. National food authorities, research institutions, academia, food business operators, and other stakeholders are invited to submit analytical data on food additives by June 30, 2023.

Regulation EC 1331/2008 establishes a common procedure for the assessment and authorization of food additives, which are subject to a safety evaluation by EFSA before they are permitted for use in the EU. Additionally, under Regulation EU 257/2010, food additives already permitted for use in the EU before January 20, 2009 must be kept under continuous observation and must be regularly reevaluated by EFSA. Regulation EU 257/2010 also enables EFSA to reevaluate food additives whenever necessitated by changing conditions of use and new scientific information.

A priority list of food additives to support scientific opinions that are currently in progress is as follows:

  • Gluconic acid (E 574) and related food additives (E 575–579)
  • Ribonucleotides (E 626–635)
  • Remaining food additives in gaseous form: Carbon dioxide (E 290), Argon (E 938), Helium (E 939), Nitrogen (E 941), Nitrous oxide (E 942), Oxygen (E 948), Hydrogen (E 949), Butane (E 943A), Isobutane (E 943B), and Propane (E 944).

Data must be submitted in electronic format (XML) to the EFSA Data Collection Framework (DCF). User credentials are required to access the DCF web interface. Interested stakeholders may contact to obtain the credentials.

The call for data will be launched annually. However, it does not anticipate the yearly work program of the EFSA Food Additives and Flavorings Panel.