The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made cooperative agreement funds available for fiscal year 2022 to establish the U.S. Pathogen Genomics Centers of Excellence (PGCoE) network. 

The PGCoE network was initially announced in July 2021 by the Biden administration. Its objective is to improve the control of and response to microbial threats of public health importance by fostering innovation in pathogen genomics and molecular epidemiology.

Advances in genomic technologies are progressing quickly, including improving the understanding of pathogen transmission and clinical features of foodborne illness. Bringing these advances into public health is a priority and can also be a challenge, due to the continuous evolution of genomics, bioinformatics, and related technologies.

The PGCoE will include:

  • Translation: developing, identifying, refining, evaluating, piloting, and implementing technologies and practices relevant to public health
  • Education: developing practical training for public health professionals
  • Response base: developing capacity to respond to infectious disease threats
  • Responding to infectious disease threats by applying genomic technologies and synthesizing diverse data
  • Leading network educational activities and developing an online training program.

The PGCoE are expected to work together as a network, as well as with CDC, its programs, and other partners to identify, develop, and implement technologies and approaches that have relevance for public health.