Committed to preserving fluid integrity in all of its fluid transfer products, Saint-Gobain has developed Versilon SPT-70 FB (food and beverage) IB (interbraided) tubing, a new food and beverage dispensing tubing that imparts essentially no taste or odors to the transferred fluids. Safe to be in contact with food, all layers of Versilon SPT-70 FB IB tubing are compliant with U.S. Food & Drug Administration, European Union, and Great Britain food contact regulations.

Versilon SPT-70 FB IB’s smooth inner surface reduces the risk of particle entrapment and inhibits protein binding and bacterial growth, and cleaning and sterilization cycles become more effective as a result. Also, its tough braid reinforcement provides for use under elevated working pressures.

Manufactured with a platinum curing process designed to meet the most demanding requirements of food and beverage sanitary standards, Versilon SPT-70 FB IB silicone tubing can easily withstand repeated Sterilization in Place and Cleaning in Place sterilization cycles, making it ideal for repeat-use applications.

Additionally, its flexibility, durability and chemical and temperature resistance provide a unique combination of characteristics required in many hot and cold food and beverage applications. Typical applications include coffee and brewed tea dispensing, ice cream and soft-serve dispensing, beer brewing systems, and food and dairy dispensing featuring bottle filling, hot filling and food handling.

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