With the release of a new range of adaptor spigots with a small flange (also known as a lip), the BFM® fitting flexible connector system can now be quickly incorporated into modular piping systems in food production facilities.

The new Lipped Spigots enable BFM systems to be installed without the need for welding, as the 6 millimeter (mm) rolled lip is compatible with most major quick-release/pull-ring type clamps. The innovation fulfills the request of many manufacturers.

Being able to provide spigots that do not require welding onto an existing pipe gives customers future flexibility in terms of process line layout and access for cleaning, and saves both time and money in terms of installation.

The new Lipped Spigot is also an option for customers who may use aluminum or plastic piping in their plant. Because a spigot cannot be welded to such materials, a quick-release clamp system is the ideal solution.

The Lipped Spigot option is available now in T304L stainless steel for diameters ranging 100–400 mm.

BFM: www.bfmfitting.com