Neogen Corporation has developed an innovative software system that allows food safety directors immediate access to their facilities’ sanitation test results — no matter where in the world their facilities may be.

Neogen’s new NeoNet™ is a cloud-based software platform that enables corporate food safety directors to achieve new levels of access, insight, and control of the effectiveness of the sanitation programs at each of their facilities. With the NeoNet system, each facility does routine adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing and seamlessly transfers the results to their local computer networks. The data is then automatically synced to the customer’s universal NeoNet system.

“Corporate quality assurance and sanitation directors have needed a way to quickly learn of potential problems, and compare results across facilities, as well as production groups and equipment within those facilities,” says Ed Bradley, Neogen’s vice president of food safety. “Especially for organizations that have multiple, far-flung facilities, the challenge has been to efficiently collect and interpret that data company-wide. NeoNet greatly simplifies that process by presenting the collected data graphically without having to conduct extensive data analysis. This simplified process enables directors to respond more quickly to situations that need their immediate attention — and potentially save their companies from the consequences of an ineffective sanitation effort.”

Using NeoNet with Neogen’s popular AccuPoint® Advanced test system, a director can review results of each facility’s testing, or compare one facility with all other locations. It also provides historic ATP test result comparisons to current results. At each level, the results are displayed with a bar chart and percentages of pass, marginal and fail results ranked by highest fail percent. Users can narrow the results to a selected timeframe, such as the past 24 hours, or by the week, month, quarter or year.

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