Francine Shaw, CP-FS, FMP, is a food safety specialist, podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, the Founder and CEO of Savvy Food Safety Inc., and the author of Who Watches the Kitchen? She has spent more than 30 years working in the foodservice industry and is committed to constantly evolving in the ever-changing landscape of foodservice. Her career has included performing services—such as operating partner, corporate/private trainer, health inspector, third-party inspector, and adjunct professor—in various sectors of the foodservice industry. Francine has also written hundreds of articles for national trade magazines and appeared on Dr. Oz, the BBC World Series Radio, and iHeart Radio as a food safety expert. 

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak with Francine [40:38] about:

  • The importance of incorporating real-life anecdotes into food safety education to make it relatable and engaging to the audience
  • The need for open discussions about real-world experiences in industry to address and correct issues effectively
  • How performance rating systems can help identify and address problem areas or employees within a foodservice organization
  • Why it is important to take a step back to understand the root causes of problems, rather than simply “putting out fires” 
  • Common mistakes foodservice businesses make related to their sanitation and hygiene practices, and possible solutions to address these pitfalls
  • Technologies that can help improve food safety, and why it is important to embrace technology to keep up with regulatory demands and improve efficiency
  • The lack of gender diversity in the food safety sector, and Francine’s personal experiences as a woman and an advocate for gender equality in the industry.

News and Resources:

FDA Deputy Commissioner Details how FY 2025 Funds Will be Spent on Human Foods Priorities [4:08] 

Codex Meeting Ties Up Loose Ends on Newly Adopted Guidelines, Proposes New Work [11:50]

Chick-fil-A Changes Antibiotic Use Policy for Chicken [14:09]

Tyson Drops “No Antibiotics Ever” Label From Some Chicken Products

Scientists Find Listeria, Microbial Populations Remain Stable Despite Cleaning at RTE Food Production Facilities [18:09] 

Novel Technology Shows Promise as Scalable PFAS Decontamination Method for Water [20:42]

“Food Safety Insights: Rapid Testing Methods—The Future” [27:26]

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