Lan Lam is the senior editor of Cook's Illustrated Magazine and a cast member on PBS's America's Test Kitchen (ATK). Lan earned her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Wesleyan University. There, she learned scientific methods that inform her approach to developing recipes and teaching home cooks the principles of cooking and baking. 

Before joining ATK, Lan learned to cook by working for James Beard Foundation Award winners and nominees in Cambridge and Boston. The James Beard Foundation Awards are presented annually to recognize U.S. culinary professionals including chefs, restaurateurs, authors, and journalists. 

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Lan [25:50] about:

  • The origins of Cook's Illustrated Magazine and ATK
  • Explaining the "why" behind each recipe that goes on air
  • Addressing viewer concerns about handwashing, how television editing can be misleading, and how they work around this
  • The process behind choosing what is discussed on ATK
  • Commonly submitted viewer questions
  • Addressing concerns about raw poultry and eggs
  • Proper refrigeration of cooked foods
  • How the show ensures they are disseminating accurate food safety information

Bob Ferguson's Food Safety Insights [13:55]
Bob discusses his article featured in our October/November 2019 issue:

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News Mentioned in This Episode
Meat Plant Owner and HACCP Manager Plead Guilty to Falsifying E. coli Test Records [3:10]
Beef Execs Plead Guilty to Selling $1 Million of Adulterated Meat to Bureau of Prisons [7:55]
Former PCA Quality Control Officer Moves Into Halfway House [10:15]
FDA Announces Joint Venture to Study Human Pathogens in Yuma Region Leafy Greens [10:58]  

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