CavCom Inc. has announced the newest product in its EarzON® line of custom hearing protection—a metal-detectable, silicone earplug for hearing protection. The earplug is also paired with a metal-detectable lanyard. The new offering is suitable for food safety production environments, as it is a hearing protection solution that, if lost, can be located in the production line by metal detectors or X-ray machines, preventing contaminated product from leaving the facility.

The earplug is made of innovative silicone material that contains special additives to activate metal detection equipment. The product is also visible in traditional X-ray units. Users can expect the same quality, comfort, and hearing protection from the new earplugs as the rest of CavCom’s hearing protection products.

Noise reduction values can be tailored to the noise levels in any work environment. CavCom’s specially designed acoustic filters reduce sounds evenly across a wide frequency range. The filters allow users to turn down noise volume without sacrificing the listening quality for the sounds users may want to hear, such as warning signals or speech.

Through collaboration with safety and health personnel, management, and end users, CavCom customizes its hearing protection solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual worker and environment.  All customer service needs are also handled directly by CavCom.

Product demonstrations are available onsite, as well as online, upon request.

CavCom Inc.: