EDT Corporation has introduced the first ever metal detectable Poly-Round® bearings. Poly-Round® bearings are polymer plane bearings that directly interchange with industry standard mounted bearings. They have no balls, no grease, no cage and no seals. These features make them clean-operating--so much so that they are the only U.S. Department of Agriculture-accepted bearings available. When made of EDT’s ‘ON’ metal detectable, x-ray detectable and optically detectable blue polymer, food safety of edible products is further enhanced.

Metal detectable Poly-Round® bearings are especially beneficial in applications directly over or near food product zones. The metal detectable characteristics of ‘ON’ polymer aid in the detection and recovery of foreign materials, should a failure occur. EDT’s metal detectable Poly-Round® bearings are available in shaft sizes from 1/2” to 1-7/16”, in all styles of machined- or cast- stainless housings.

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