The SECUMAX 150 MDP extends MARTOR's family of metal-detectable safety knives. These cutting tools have primarily been designed for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. The knives remain detectable if lost—even the smallest parts—and, therefore, have no long-term adverse impacts on sensitive production processes.

The SECUMAX 150 MDP is GS-certified and food-compliant and is used for manual cutting tasks, particularly in production and logistics: to open boxes containing raw materials or ingredients, to cut open pallet film, to cut through plastic strapping and adhesive tapes, etc. The three-in-one blade head is also ideal for scraping and splitting. 

Weighing only 31 grams, the SECUMAX 150 MDP is made of plastic that is metal- and X-ray-detectable. This means that if a knife is lost or damaged during use, a company’s own detector or sensor system will locate it or its parts, effectively preventing any potential product contamination from foreign bodies. 

The SECUMAX 150 MDP is not only highly safe in food and pharmaceutical environments, but also when cutting. Its concealed blade means that the sharp cutting edge never gets too close to either its user or the packaged goods. Cutting accidents can be reliably prevented. The outer blade area, used for scraping off labels and splitting adhesive tape, is also non-sharp.

The stainless steel blades of MARTOR's MDP products are permanently installed and non-changeable. The SECUMAX 150 MDP does, however, have two cutting edges. The ergonomic features typical for MARTOR products are also beneficial. The large handle surface has proven to be particularly comfortable for the thumb, fingers, and hand, even when work gloves are worn.