This week, the Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) was established, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on researching science for public health benefit.

IAFNS, previously known as the International Life Sciences Institute, North America, will be focusing on science that promotes nutrition, food safety, and public health.

IAFNS' operating model draws on knowledge from academia, industry, and government, and therefore it is uniquely positioned to fund, lead, and drive actionable research. This research will elevate food safety and nutrition sciences.

“IAFNS is uniquely positioned to mobilize industry, government and academia to drive, fund and lead actionable research and elevate food safety and nutrition sciences to advance public health,” said Dr. Wendelyn Jones. “Our approach to nutrition and food safety research will continue to advance science and evidence-based decision-making by ensuring the flow of relevant, useful information that positively impacts public health. Our focus is on science with impact—science that matters.”

In addition, the organization is committed to full disclosure of the funding of research, and to share its research methods and data with the scientific community. IAFNS will be publishing all research results, regardless of outcomes.

IAFNS is funded by industry collaborators, and will advance science through the in-kind and financial contributions from public and private sector donors. 

The foundation for IAFNS' actions and approach include science and research. IAFNS' portfolio is balanced between addressing today's challenges, along with tomorrow's greatest opportunities, whether they're in food allergens, sustainable packaging, or other new areas of food and beverage innovation.