Last month, Sequoia Analytical Lab, Sacramento, was caught faking pesticide test results, and as a result, tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana and other products were recalled. 

On November 27, it was discovered that the lab's director, Marc Foster, had been faking test results for four months, for 22 of the 66 pesticides that, required by California law, the lab had to analyze. The laboratory has since closed down and surrendered its business license. Foster admitted to inspectors and company executives that he had marked "undetected" for the 22 pesticides, as a result of finding out that his equipment was unable to measure the pesticides. 

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control sent recall notices to 29 cannabis distributors and retailers that had their products tested at Sequoia. All cannabis products that were tested at the lab after June 30 will have to be requested to be returned by the companies. The notice said: "All cannabis goods returned by customers or remaining in your inventory from these batches, must be destroyed, or returned to the distributor from whom the batch was received."

This includes almost 850 batches, including 10,000+ pounds of flower and equal amounts of other marijuana products such as oils and vaping materials. The situation will most likely lead to lawsuits and perhaps criminal prosecution, says industry insiders.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 1/15/19, "Recalls deal blow to California's marijuana industry"