Research has proven that warm, wet environments encourage bacterial growth. Food processing facilities have all the ingredients for a potentially dangerous recipe for foodborne illness. Sanitation requirements in these facilities are established and maintained to prevent and remove the risk of contaminants that could possibly infect the food product. But pesky pathogens lurk in the least expected places, hiding on processing equipment in crevices and gaps not visible and/or easily accessible for cleaning. The old adage “out of sight – out of mind” is not an acceptable excuse anymore, especially in light of the recent outbreaks of food contamination at the processing level. The breeding of bacteria, the clinging of contaminants and those pesky pathogens all have the potential to put a company out of business if a consumer contracts a foodborne illness from their product.

Stainless Steel Electric Motors
In 1988, Stainless Motors, Inc., was founded and became the very first manufacturer of stainless steel electric motors for processing industries, a product innovation brought about by the realization that painted cast motors required frequent removal for maintenance. Corrosion, rust, flaking paint and water entry were serious issues and create costly and time-consuming maintenance schedules. Stainless motors soon became the recognized standard in processing due to their cleanability and corrosion resistance. But over time, it became apparent that there were still concealed areas on electric motors, stainless or painted, that were susceptible to contaminants and build up of food debris. If unable to see it or get to it, it was even more difficult to clean. Those areas that are not accessible were not getting cleaned effectively during normal cleaning procedures. It is the dirty little secret known to most people in the industry, but kept quiet as there was no known solution. Until now.

A New Level of Clean
Engineers at Stainless Motors, Inc., introduced a revolutionary stainless washdown motor design in August 2012, trademarked Sanifan Technology™. It is a patent-pending, comprehensive solution that dramatically reduces crevices on the stainless motor and provides a way to wash areas previously inaccessible. Some innovative improvements to conventional design included replacing the webbed plastic cooling fan with a polished stainless fan and securing it to the motor shaft in a sanitary manner. This redesign eliminated the crevices, thus removing possible areas of entrapment for bacteria and contaminants. Other improvements such as a sanitary shroud mounting and sanitary seals further enhance the design.  

The ULTIMATE Level of Clean
For the ultimate level of clean, Sanifan Technology motors are available with an optional spray endbell and cleaning port. This provides the ability to directly inject cleaning solution to the most inaccessible areas of the motor—under the fan shroud and between the fan and endbell. This guarantees the most thorough cleaning possible for these hidden surfaces on the motor. In addition, water can be sprayed through the fan shroud into the fan area to complete the sanitation process. This combination of spray cleaning from the inside out and then again from the outside in exceeds standard motor cleaning capabilities. The cleaning port is available in several connection configuration and inlet positions to satisfy virtually all application requirements.

A Proactive Approach
With the high risk of bacterial growth and contamination within food, pharmaceutical and bio­tech processing facilities, along with the legal ramifications if a recall is is­sued, Sanifan Technology is the clear choice. The future of a plant caught in a contamination lawsuit or a recall can be devastating and have an irreversible negative impact on the brand and company. A global proactive approach to im­proved sanitary equipment design and cleaning is imperative. Sanifan Technol­ogy, with its advanced clean­ing capabilities, is clearly a major breakthrough in food safety.

The High Cost of Hidden Contamination
The risk of contamination from poorly cleaned equipment cannot be ignored, and every opportunity must be employed to ensure a sanitary processing plant. The cost of a single recall could potentially shutter a facility. Sanifan Technology is clearly the responsible next step in promoting a safer, cleaner and more sanitary processing environment. For more information, please visit Stainless Motors, Inc., at or call 505-867-0224.