Seafood is one of the most traded commodities worldwide. It is thus imperative that all companies and official control agencies ensure seafood safety and quality throughout the supply chain. Written in an accessible and succinct style, Food Safety in Seafood Industry: A practical guide for ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 implementation brings together in one volume key information for those wanting to implement ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000 in the seafood manufacturing industry.

This book includes:

  • A presentation of seafood industry and its future perspectives
  • The description of the main hazards associated to seafood (including an annexe featuring the analysis of notifications related with such hazards published by Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed - RASFF)
  • Interpretation of ISO 22000 clauses together with practical examples adapted to the seafood manufacturing industry
  • The presentation of the most recent food safety scheme FSSC 22000 and the interpretation of the additional clauses that this scheme introduces when compared to ISO 22000

This practical guide is a valuable resource for seafood industry quality managers, food technologists, managers, consultants, professors and students and a vehicle for further cooperation and information interchange around seafood safety and food safety systems. We encourage the readers to contact the authors via e-mail ( or Twitter (@foodsafetybooks) to make comments, suggestions or questions and to know how to access the Extended Book Content.

A 33-page sample of the book is available here. Those who purchase the book on can enjoy a 20% discount using promo code SEA40.

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