Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry, a new book by Yasmine Motarjemi, presents an integrated, practical approach to the management of food safety throughout the production chain. While many books address specific aspects of food safety, no other book guides readers through the various risks associated with each sector of the production process or alerts readers to the measures needed to mitigate those risks, according to Research and Markets.

Using practical examples of incidents and their root causes, this book highlights pitfalls in food safety management and provides key insight into the means of avoiding them. Each section addresses its subject in terms of relevance and application to food safety and, where applicable, spoilage. It covers all types of risks (such as microbial, chemical, physical) associated with each step of the food chain.

The book is a reference for food safety managers in different sectors, from primary producers to processing, transport, retail and distribution, as well as foodservice. Others who may find Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry to be an essential reference include food inspectors and auditors responsible for the evaluation and assessment of food production processes and facilities, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in food safety, food microbiology, and food engineering courses.

About the Author:

Yasmine Motarjemi holds a master’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Languedoc, Montpellier, France (1978) and a doctoral degree in Food Engineering from the University of Lund, Sweden (1988).

After her research and academic career at the University of Lund, in 1990 she joined the World Health Organization in Geneva as senior scientist. At WHO, Motarjemi was responsible for the surveillance and prevention of foodborne illnesses (including education of professional and domestic food handlers), the development of the food safety assurance system (e.g., Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system), and for assistance to the WHO Member States in strengthening their national food safety program and the development of the risk analysis process. She has served in the Secretariat of various sessions of the Codex Alimentarius Commissions and its Committees.

From 2000 to 2011, Motarjemi held the position of assistant vice president in Nestlé and worked as the corporate food safety manager. In this capacity, she has, among others, developed the Nestlé Food Safety Management system and managed various emerging food safety issues and crises. She is the author, co-author or editor of numerous peer-reviewed articles, books, training manuals and other publications. She is also the author of Les invisibles, a book on food safety for children.