The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) has completely revised its website to provide easier access to a wealth of news, information and resources concerning leafy greens food safety and this important program created in 2007.

As with the previous site, the new website offers complete copies of the LGMA audit checklist for both announced and unannounced audits. 

The website is easily accessible on your desktop, tablet or cell phone.

“This new site has so much information and makes it all incredibly easy to access and share,” said Phil Adrian of Coastline Family Farms and chairman of the LGMA’s Communications Committee. “We’re really encouraging people to visit the site, particularly those of us in the industry who have a role in spreading the word about this very successful program and its value to consumers, retail and foodservice operators and our own leafy greens producers.”

Also available on the site are direct links to the LGMA social media channels so people can follow the program and its activities on-line. Users can also sign up to receive a newsletter sent periodically to subscribers.

“The site is very much constructed with the end-user in mind,” said April Ward, LGMA Communications Director. “We have special sections for members, retail and foodservice operations, media and health/wellness professionals. This allows us to provide these audiences with easier access to the information they are likely to be most interested in. It is really a very well organized site. We hope people use it, enjoy it and share it with others. We’re hoping it becomes the go-to resource for information on leafy greens food safety.”