Hello! And welcome to the new Food Safety Strategies website! I’m your host, Crystal Lindell. Well, not quite host. More like content director, but tomato, tomato(e)!

This site was created to coordinate and then supplement the great food safety content published by BNP Media’s various magazines devoted to the food, beverage and packaging markets. And, because BNP also runs the Food Safety Summit Conference & Expo, we felt there was an audience looking for one place they could go to find better ways to deal with FSMA and food borne illnesses.

So voila! FoodSafetyStrategies.com was born!

In short, if you lie awake at night worried about listeria then you are in the right place! Welcome!

The site will be formally affiliated with the Food Safety Summit, and will feature original stories and columns (like this story on How Smucker deals with FSMA during product development) as well as content that has run in the aforementioned food, beverage and packaging brands (like this story about Food Safety Management Systems).

We also know that food safety isn’t something that stops at the factory Exit sign, so the website will cover the entire supply chain, including grower/farmer, processor, distribution, retail/foodservice and regulatory communities, as well as recalls.

And, we’re launching a newsletter that’s going to out twice a month called Food Safety Insights. Be like the cool kids and say you’ve subscribed since the very first issue by signing up here!

We believe this site will offer food safety professionals unparalleled information on how to monitor, defend and solve safety issues around food and beverage products and processes. Because of the life-and-death consequences of the jobs you hold, we know that you are constantly looking to improve your systems and find solutions to the ever-increasing challenges your jobs present.

We know that the expertise, information and insights published here will help!

So make sure to check back often so you can keep with all the food safety regulations (like these for meat and poultry), the latest recalls (like this one about a customer finding glass in their yogurt) and the exciting events happening at the Food Safety Summit (like the Amazon keynote!).

And if you have any food safety news you’d like to send us, or if you have any questions at all about the site, you can reach me via email at lindellc@bnpmedia.com. I’d love to hear from you!