Meritech has announced its Sole Clean Low-Moisture Automated Footwear Sanitizing Pan, setting a new standard for footwear hygiene in dry manufacturing environments. 

The pan attaches to CleanTech EVO Automated Handwashing Stations, effectively sanitizing any style of footwear in just 12 seconds, with a fast-drying footwear sanitizer specifically catering to dry or semi-dry production facilities. The fast-evaporating, alcohol-quat sanitizing solution eliminates pathogens from footwear and evaporates quickly post-application, reducing moisture introduction into production zones. 

The Sole Clean Low-Moisture Automated Footwear Sanitizing Pan also offers customizable auto-start functionality, allowing users to adjust the start time and frequency of sanitizer dispensing throughout the day. This ensures that all employees receive optimal footwear hygiene from the start of the shift to the end of the day. Combining hand and footwear hygiene into a single step, the pan saves valuable space and time in busy production environments.

Additionally, the system guarantees that footwear receives 12 seconds of contact time with the sanitizing chemical in the footwear pan, a feature unmatched by most other methods of footwear hygiene. This guarantees thorough sanitation and peace of mind, knowing that stringent hygiene standards are consistently met.

Additional highlights of the Sole Clean Low-Moisture Automated Footwear Sanitizing Pan include quick disconnects for easy cleaning, highly visible caution markings for safety, an easy re-prime button to refill the pan after cleaning or at start-up, and a solutions empty indicator light. Compatible with all types of footwear, the EVO handwashing station with Sole Clean Low-Moisture Footwear Sanitizing Pan ensures consistent and effective hand and footwear hygiene in one easy step.