AMETEK MOCON has released the Dansensor® CheckMate 4, its premier headspace analyzer for precise and reliable quality control of foods packaged in modified atmosphere (MAP). The advanced analyzer ensures the presence of the required gas composition within packages, safeguarding product freshness and quality.

Headspace gas analysis is crucial for MAP products, preventing issues like microbial growth and loss of freshness. The Dansensor CheckMate 4 refines the process, allowing manufacturers to spot check packages on the production line or in the laboratory, reducing waste and product recalls.

Key Benefits of the Dansensor CheckMate 4 include:

  • Accuracy: The Dansensor CheckMate 4 offers trusted, high precision headspace gas measurements, ensuring products are packaged with the right gas mixture
  • Efficiency: With rapid test times (from three seconds) and automated data logging, the instrument enhances operational efficiency by keeping quality control downtime to a minimum
  • Convenience: Save test settings for quick changes between products and consistent results, with the ability to data transfer in real time, and an optional PC software that streamlines data monitoring and audit preparation
  • Reliability: An enhanced sample system and pump ensure smooth operation, reducing downtime; the solution also sends an alert when preset gas limits are exceeded, preventing potential quality issues.

The Dansensor CheckMate 4 gives operators the flexibility to update the analyzer onsite, in a matter of minutes, with a newly calibrated sensor module, eliminating the hassles of sending the instrument for annual calibration, renting a loaner unit, or worrying about data and settings.