PerkinElmer has launched its new GC 2400™ Platform, an automated gas chromatography (GC) headspace sampler and GC/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) solution that is designed to help technicians simplify laboratory operations, obtain precise results, and perform flexible monitoring. The platform combines systems, software, and a wide range of columns and consumables for high-throughput laboratory environments and complex applications.

The platform’s GC-automated sampling capabilities save technicians’ time and reduce human error, and the platform’s automated headspace and pneumatics technology deliver precision. Additionally, the PerkinElmer Simplicity Vision™ app’s wireless, touchscreen tablet interface makes it simple to monitor single or multiple GC 2400 systems, both inside and outside of the lab.

The platform’s icon-driven SimplicityChrom™ Chromatography Data System software is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, reduces user training, and guides teams through the GC workflow. The software interface is also customizable for users’ unique data, notification, and diagnostic needs. Finally, the platform’s built-in sensors and software-driven, gas-saving mode reduce operational gas consumption and support carrier gas alternatives, such as hydrogen.

PerkinElmer will highlight the new solution at Analytica Germany and Analytica Latin America.