Ohio State University’s (OSU’s) Department of Food Science and Technology will be hosting an open house on Ultra Shear Technology (UST™) for liquid foods processing on Thursday, December 8, 2022 from 9 A.M.–4 P.M.

Attendees will learn from OSU’s industrial partner, Pressure BioSciences Inc., and OSU experts about technology basics, equipment, and various potential food industrial applications, such as pasteurization, sterilization, and nanoemulsification.  

Attendees will also view the demonstration of a pilot-scale UST platform and learn firsthand about the unique operational and processing advantages of UST technology. Additionally, there will be opportunities to network with industry colleagues and the event hosts throughout the day to discuss clean-label liquid foods.   

Send your RSVP by Friday November 25, 2022 to ust@osu.edu. Include the following details in the registration email:

  • Participants name(s) and contact (email) information
  • Title
  • Company name
  • Any special dietary restrictions

The open house will be held at Parker Advanced Food Processing Technology Pilot Plant, Department of Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210. Additional information on the agenda, parking and related details will be provided to participants who send an RSVP by November 25, 2022. Questions can be emailed to ust@osu.edu.