The Ohio State University (OSU) has extended early-bird registration until Monday, Sept. 22 for its 2014 International Nonthermal Processing Short Course and Workshop themed, “Nonthermal Processing Systems for Healthy and Sustainable Foods,” to be held Oct. 21-24 on the OSU campus.

During the workshop, participants can learn about recent advances, future research and commercialization opportunities for nonthermal processing technologies, including high pressure processing, PEF (high-intensity pulsed electric field processing), UV (ultraviolet light processing), cold plasma, and food irradiation. A one-day Nonthermal Processing Short Course is being organized prior to the workshop. An optional tour of the Avure Technologies facility in nearby Middletown, OH, is being arranged for Oct. 24.

More information on the Workshop program is available here. Follow this link for details on the Short Course program. For additional information and to register, visit Individuals with questions may contact Kelly Elisar, workshop secretariat, by phone at 614.688.4152 or by e-mail at