The Tecpen Oxygen Analyzer for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) provides those in food packaging and production with fast and accurate oxygen level measurements between 0.01 percent and 5 percent by volume. The Tecpen works by using a thin, hollow needle and micro-pump to take gas samples through the packaging material using a septum. This device is ideal as a gas analyzer for quality control during MAP testing shrink wrapped or vacuum sealed food products.

In addition to its usefulness as a MAP oxygen analyzer or a head space gas analyzer, because it is hand-held and rechargeable, the TecPen can be used in the field for controlled atmosphere storage applications.

The TecPen is also useful as a headspace gas analyzer for quality control testing of safety sealed containers for any application where oxygen can impact the safety, freshness, or longevity of the product.

In the lab, the TecPen can be useful in biochemical and molecular biology research as well as testing for pathogenic microorganism growth in sealed containers.

The benefits of MAP are that proper gas levels inside the packaging ensures improved food quality, enables a longer product shelf life, and makes the storage and transportation of fresh foods possible without the need for chemicals.

Every food production industry in the world relies on MAP. However, to be 100 percent efficient, periodic quality control testing is required. For those requiring an accurate, easy to use handheld device, the TecPen MAP Gas Analyzer is the best tool for the job.

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