BFM® Global's development team has used their flexible, transparent Seeflex 040E material to create the BFM® Venting Surge Hopper, providing a new solution to bridging, which is a common problem for manufacturers processing bulk powders.

Working closely with rotary valve manufacturers like Airlock India and Gericke RotaVal, the team at BFM® Global created the Venting Surge Hopper as an innovative alternative to traditional vented surge hoppers made from steel. The solution combines the benefits of BFM’s transparent and flexible Seeflex 040E material with the BFM snap-fit system into a uniquely-shaped hopper with built-in product and airflow separation.

The Venting Surge Hopper has an internal partition that allows powder to flow down one side of the partition and displaced air to flow up and out the other. The solution snap-fits into a custom-made spigot that has a matching separation plate.

The most significant advantage that the Venting Surge Hopper has over steel hoppers is the transparency of the walls, as the Seeflex 040E urethane material enables operators to see product flowing (or not flowing) in the case of bridging. Users will immediately see any blockage, and the flexibility of the urethane material allows operators to “massage” away any blockages with their hands.

Finally, the BFM snap-fit system at the top and bottom of the Venting Surge Hopper facilitates easy removal and replacement, improving accessibility for cleaning processes.