Weighing bellows are commonly used in the food industry as the flexible transition between mixers, feeders, and other machinery where accurate weighing is required. Designed to minimize any resistance created by vertical movement or vibration on the weighing/load-cells, they are commonly made from highly flexible, molded silicone rubber. Although molded silicone rubber is widely used, it does have two significant drawbacks for use as a flexible connection—very poor tear strength and a high price tag. Many customers have often experienced product failures using traditional weighing bellows during installation as one small slip with a screwdriver or hose-clamp can tear the material.

However, the new, patented BFM® fitting weighing bellows do not carry the drawbacks of its silicone counterparts, combining the easy snap-fit installation and seal of a BFM fitting connector with the strength and flexibility of BFM’s urethane-based Seeflex material.

Seeflex is a proprietary material exclusive to BFM and is manufactured in a way that maximizes its mechanical strength while providing excellent flexibility. BFM claims its Seeflex is “virtually indestructible,” unable to be torn like silicone rubber, which will easily rip.

BFM has spent much time perfecting the method of forming the Seeflex material into the new BFM weighing bellows to ensure minimal reactive force for weigh-scales but maximum durability for longevity of the connector itself. BFM molded Seeflex into an asymmetrical cone shape to minimize the possibility of any product staying inside the connector during operation, which can happen with single-fold style bellows.

The new BFM weighing bellows provides several benefits over other currently available solutions:

  • Durable: Seeflex has mechanical properties that exceed those of the incumbent silicone weigh scale connectors or other urethane versions, and it will not rip or tear during installation or operation like silicone
  • Clean and hygienic: The patented BFM design is 3A and EU approved for food contact and ensures all valuable powders stay inside the connector with zero leakage
  • Fast and accurate installation: The patented BFM snap-in fitment means that the weighing bellows is installed in the right place in seconds, without the need to worry about adjustments
  • Product flow visibility: Unlike most silicone weighing bellows which are opaque, Seeflex used to manufacture the BFM weighing bellows is a transparent material that gives full visibility of product flowing through a process
  • No contamination risk: Because no tools are needed for installation, there is no risk of screwdrivers, clamps, or gaskets damaging the connector or falling into the downstream equipment, potentially causing product contamination.

BFM: www.bfmfitting.com