Heat and Control® Inc., has announced the latest iteration of its horizontal motion conveying technology, FastBack® 4.0. Since its introduction in 1995, FastBack conveyor technology has served food processors with near zero breakage and product damage, no loss of coatings or seasonings, greatly reduced sanitation and associated down time, and trouble-free operation.

FastBack 4.0 is the culmination of more than ten years of development and multiple international patents. Fastback 4.0 retains all the benefits that previous generations of Fastback conveyors are known for, and includes features such as:

  • Instant reversing capability
  • No need for preventive maintenance or lubrication
  • No flexures, linear bearings, or bushings
  • The longest design life to date
  • High pressure washdown capability
  • A total of 70 percent fewer moving parts
  • Easy maintenance, with only two wrench sizes (13- and 17-millimeter) needed for all operations
  • Small footprint.

FastBack 4.0 is a circular-to-linear drive horizontal motion conveyor, which is a new solution in horizontal motion conveying. A key design feature is a rotational (circular) drive that results in a horizontal (linear) motion. The circular-to-linear drive efficiency converts rotational motion into pure horizontal motion while also supporting the vertical weight of a pan.

To develop FastBack 4.0, Heat and Control teamed up with SKF, an industrial bearing manufacturer, resulting in a precise and customized application. SKF is able to meet Heat and Control’s growth targets across the globe with its large industrial network.

FastBack 4.0 is smaller and thinner than previous iterations, allowing the conveyor to fit into a wide variety of locations. Fastback 4.0 also reverses instantly, enabling better product handling control, and has an ultra-quiet, 70-decibel range. Furthermore, Fastback 4.0 does not have any pinch points or moving arms to cover and protect, and it provides higher travel rates than any other horizontal motion conveyor.

FastBack 4.0 was designed with user feedback in mind, removing the pain points that production line managers and operators face on a regular basis when it comes to maintenance, cleaning, and performance. The conveyor reduces downtime and offers the highest level of operability with the lowest level of effort.

The FastBack 4.0 line was launched with the FastBack 4.0 (100) model, which is intended for weigher feeders and other applications where a FastBack 90E would have been used previously. The FastBack 4.0 (100) is the first release of FastBack 4.0 designs, with more capacity options and sizes coming soon.

Heat and Control Inc.: www.heatandcontrol.com