The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has published a new scope to the 2020 version of the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements. The new scope, coded as scope H, can be downloaded in the full GFSI Benchmarking Requirements, version 2020. The scope is the result of two years of work by a group of volunteer experts, and the decision to approve the scope’s publication was made at the March GFSI Steering Committee meeting. 

The scope enables the providers of services that impact food safety to become recognized by a GFSI-approved certification program. Service providers included in the new scope are consultancy, maintenance contracting, laundry, pest control, chemical management, contract cleaning, and hygiene product management. GFSI says that the addition of the new scope will improve GFSI’s coverage of all actors involved with the food safety supply system. GFSI is also calling for potential candidates to apply for GFSI recognition under the new scope; interested organizations that own covered certification programs for services are invited to contact GFSI.