MilliporeSigma recently announced ReadyStream, a novel solution that prepares and instantly dispenses culture media for use in microbiological food testing. ReadyStream eliminates five time-consuming steps in the testing process, allowing for more streamlined, cost-saving, food and beverage testing. ReadyStream is designed to save testing technicians time, resources, and lab space.

Traditional microbiological food testing methods require lab technicians to either prepare the culture media manually or use cumbersome bags of ready-to-use media. The ReadyStream system, which includes media preparation and dispensing units, media bags, and other accessories, features several advantages over traditional food testing:

  • Up to 100 liters of ISO 11133-compliant culture media can be prepared at the touch of a button, at the point of use
  • Concentrated media is diluted with sterile water to dispense up to 100 liters of preheated culture media from a 10-liter bag (shipped dry and reconstituted with the system)
  • Autoclaving, powder handling, washing, and dealing with bottles are eliminated from the process
  • Removes the need to handle or move heavy bags of ready-to-use culture media.

Millipore Sigma: