PathogenDx’s recently announced SeroX, a new, rapid single test that detects 13 Salmonella serotypes in poultry that are a significant contributor to foodborne illness.

With SeroX there is no need for qPCR to NGS testing. SeroX delivers advanced gene detection of 13 Salmonella serotypes from primary enrichment, and ensures an easier, simplified workflow and cost savings that poultry producers require to optimize production and food safety. SeroX results are also ready in a single shift and deliver the lowest cost per sample when compared to sequence and antisera-based serotyping methods.

PathogenDx’s SeroX Assays include the company’s patented Dynamic Dimensional Detection (D3 Array™) technology, which comprises up to 108 probes—in triplicate, in a single well—to deliver a new and innovative approach to multiplexed molecular testing.

Amplified DNA binding is enabled easily across a flexible, open 3D cross-linked array architecture, which results in a more flexible, faster, and lower cost test than qPCR or NGS technology. SeroX rapidly detects the serotypes responsible for the vast majority of all harmful Salmonella infections in one efficient test, including:

  • Enteritidis 
  • Typhimurium 
  • Newport
  • Javiana
  • I 4,[5],12:i:- (Monophasic Typhimurium)
  • Heidelberg
  • Muenchen
  • Saintpaul
  • Montevideo
  • Infantis
  • Braenderup
  • Oranienberg
  • Thompson.