BioFront Technologies has announced the launch of the new MonoTrace Casein ELISA kit for the quantitative or qualitative detection of bovine casein.

Casein makes up nearly 80 percent of the proteins in milk, and milk is the number one allergen of concern for young children. Casein is a key component, and recognized milk allergen in fractionated dairy ingredients and milk protein concentrates which are utilized extensively by the food and beverage industry.

BioFront's Milk ELISA kit rapidly detects milk allergens derived from the casein portion found in milk from cow. This monoclonal antibody-based assay provides a highly sensitive and specific method for the quantification of bovine casein presence/contamination within a variety of food matrices. Casein is a major milk allergen and was selected based on its strong resistance to food processing and high abundance in bovine milk.

Assay Performance:

  • Overall Assay Time: Now just 30 minutes post-extraction!
  • Incubation Times: 10-minute steps for extraction, sample incubation, conjugate incubation, substrate incubation.
  • Number of Tests per Kit: 48 or 96
  • Specificity: Bovine casein
  • Limit of Detection (bovine casein): 0.12 ppm
  • Range of Quantification (bovine casein): 1 to 20 ppm