The food and agriculture sector has long been designated as a critical infrastructure sector that provides the essential services that underpin American society.

“The unsung heroes who deserve to be celebrated are the approximately 45.5 million people working throughout the food and beverage industry,” added Robb MacKie. “They are working tireless and safely, today and always, to feed the country and the world. We cannot thank them enough.

To recognize the efforts of the food and beverage industry, ABA and the Food and Beverage Issue Alliance (FBIA), will use a shared hashtag and invite all groups and companies in the food sector to do the same—to honor all of those who are #FeedingUS. As a special way to recognize the nearly 800,000 skilled men and women working in the baking industry, they encourage using the shared hashtag #BakingStrong. 

We are #InThisTogether #BakingStrong #FeedingUS.

ABA: Americans will continue to receive a steady supply of food during coronavirus outbreak