As we respond to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, it is vital that we communicate accurate information about our food system. I have some important information to share: 

America's food supply is abundant

We are not at risk of running out of essential foods and beverages. Frozen food manufacturers are working hard, like their peers throughout the food industry, to keep our customers well stocked and our consumers well-fed. While you may experience an item temporarily out of stock, rest assured that our food producers, distributors, and grocery store partners will get those foods back on the shelf as quickly as possible. Food is part of our nation’s critical infrastructure and has safeguards in place to ensure that operations continue.  

America’s food supply continues to be the safest in the world

There is no available evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted via food. It is transmitted by breathing in respiratory droplets, thus the advice not to touch your face. While consumers must take care to wash hands and use common-sense precautions to avoid contracting the disease, they need not worry about catching COVID-19 through their food. That said, everyone should always practice safe food handling to prevent foodborne illness  (clean, separate, cook and chill). 

Frozen foods offer convenience you can rely upon

As more of us begin to work remotely and schools close down for several weeks or more, frozen foods are a great addition to your grocery list. The greatest attribute of frozen foods is their convenience…and while we’re busy managing kids at home and getting work done remotely, frozen foods can come to your rescue. Frozen foods will also help you reduce your food waste, meaning less trips to the grocery store. Also, if you’re like me and want to add variety to your meals while you’re hunkered down at home, frozen has much to offer – from pot stickers and fried rice, to lasagna, to taquitos, to comforting macaroni and cheese and power bowls full of whole grains, veggies, and lean meats. Enjoy the convenience, variety, and long-lasting benefits of frozen foods and beverages.

Frozen food companies are resilient and hard at work to meet this growing demand. As we navigate this uncertain time together, continue to take care of your loved ones and your community. Remember, wash your hands, don’t show up to work when you’re sick and make cleaning and sanitizing a routine habit.