Under the slogan, "Raising the bar for food safety, quality, and clean label products," Hiperbaric’s fourth annual HPP Innovation Week will delve into high-pressure processing (HPP) emerging applications, its automation, and its role in safe, sustainable food production. The virtual event will take place June 18–20, 2024. Registration for HPP Innovation Week is free, and all content and videos will be made available to each registrant for on-demand replay following the conference.

The online conference will bring together food manufacturers, retailers, packaging companies, the foodservice sector, regulators, academic leaders, and other stakeholders to discuss the latest HPP trends and innovations. Previous HPP Innovation Weeks have attracted over 6,000 online attendees from 60 countries.

The three-day program will provide a forum for education, networking, and collaboration while demonstrating how HPP can make a meaningful impact on food processing. The conference will include 25 sessions on HPP benefits, emerging applications, commercialization, research and development, technology advancements like automation and robotics, and sustainability, explaining how HPP increases shelf life, thereby reducing food waste. Sessions include:

  • Innovative New Trends in HPP Packaging
  • Squeezing Safety: HPP's Journey to a 'Safe Harbor' for Juice Regulation in the U.S.
  • Hop to the Future: HPP's Role in Craft Beer Innovation
  • Overview of HPP Trending Applications: Seafood, Meat, Prepared Meals, and Raw Pet Food
  • How HPP Preserves Quality and Safety of Cold Brew Coffee
  • Food Upcycling Using HPP: Fruit and Vegetables, Raw Meat, and Nutraceuticals
  • Using HPP and Freeze-Drying Technologies for Safe, Shelf-Stable Products
  • Using HPP for Cold Pressed Juice in Craft Cocktails for the Bar and Restaurant Industry
  • Elevating Sea Urchin Caviar with HPP: Unifresco's All-Natural Approach

More than 50 speakers including We Feed Raw, Unifresco, Twisted Alchemy, HPPLA, and Goddess Mousse will share the latest in HPP innovation. Supplier speakers include Parker Freeze Dry, manufacturer of freeze-drying equipment, and Corbion, supplier of food preservation solutions. International speakers include Spanish-based Caña Nature, Colombian-based Juancamole, and Peru-based Agroindustrias.

Academic speakers include the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Cornell University, University of Aveiro, Institute of AgriFood Research and Technology (IRTA), AZTI, CSIRO, and Northubmria University.

During the event, Hiperbaric will recognize HPP research projects through the second edition of the HPP Research Awards, which will be presented on June 19, 2024. These peer-reviewed awards acknowledge academic researchers for their scientific contributions to the development of highly nutritious and safe food products. The awards ceremony will be moderated by the Cold Pressure Council, an organization that leads, facilitates, and promotes industry standardization, user education, and consumer awareness of HPP.