In response to the ever-evolving needs of its customers and the increasing demands for excellence in food safety, CRC Industries has made significant enhancements to its CRC Food Grade brand packaging and Food Safety Program. The result is a comprehensive array of products offering high performance and compliance, all within the framework of a precisely designed CRC Food Safety Program.

The CRC Food Safety Program addresses challenges head-on so manufacturers can pass audits and operate their businesses with confidence. The program encompasses four pillars for safety, including the proprietary CRC STOPLIGHT® Program, a visual product identification system designed to mitigate maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) chemical risks in food processing and packaging zones. CRC STOPLIGHT is uniquely flexible, allowing each facility to determine the best implementation plan that works for them and aligns with Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) initiatives.

The CRC Food Safety Program also includes CRC training and consulting, which provides personalized MRO safety compliance assessments and recommendations from CRC’s HACCP-certified sales leaders.

Additionally, the new CRC Food Grade packaging safeguards against potential foreign object contamination with its Perma-Lock® 2-way Integrated Actuator. The new design aids in achieving audit compliance by incorporating a QR code connecting to the allergen certificate, safety data sheet, and NSF registration. Additionally, the cans feature a sleek white dome-top with bright green stripe, making it easy to identify compliant products from across the plant floor and differentiate from other MRO chemicals.

CRC Food Grade formulas deliver exceptional performance even under extreme temperatures and demanding operating conditions, extending equipment life, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity, and the product line offers versatile solutions for a wide range of food processing equipment.

CRC Food Safety Program: