Key Technology has introduce its new, integrated hyperspectral sorting system for chilled bacon bits.

As the world’s only sorter that can combine near infrared (NIR) hyperspectral detection with color cameras, Key’s VERYX® BioPrint® analyzes a richer set of data about the materials it is sorting to remove the smallest bone fragments and other difficult-to-detect foreign material (FM) and product defects. When integrated with Key’s vibratory conveyors, the new bacon bit sorting line improves food safety and product quality while maximizing efficiencies, improving yield and reducing labor.

In the past, bacon bit processors relied heavily on laser sorters without hyperspectral, requiring multiple passes through a sorter followed by manual inspection to achieve quality goals. Now, with Key’s hyperspectral sorting system, processors can run a single pass with virtually no manual inspection to achieve superior sort accuracy.

To identify and remove light and dark bone, interleaving paper, L board, grease-soaked cardboard, plastics in various colors, and other FM, VERYX BioPrint sorters detect every object’s color, size, shape, and structure, as well as chemometric and biologic properties. Key’s Pixel Fusion™ detection technology combines pixel-level data from hyperspectral sensors and color cameras to produce a unique signature associated with each material substance that passes through the sorter. This enables VERYX BioPrint to remove the widest variety of hard-to-detect FM and defects without false rejects.

Key customizes each integrated bacon bit sorting line with ideal equipment to optimize overall system performance and meet customers’ individual production objectives. Iso-Flo® and Impulse® vibratory conveyors can be configured to transfer, scalp, size grade, distribute, feed scales, and other processing line equipment.

The integrated VERYX BioPrint sorting system can virtually eliminate the need for manual inspection, which decreases labor costs and improves the consistency of FM and defect removal. Recipe-driven operation ensures customers can count on optimal performance every day. For ease of use and simplification of operator training, a highly intuitive user interface provides different views to users of various levels, depending on their needs.

Key manufactures equipment in both the U.S. and Europe, supports customers worldwide through its extensive sales and SupportPro service network, and offers integration services from pre-engineering to line start-up.

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