Key Technology recently introduced RemoteMD® 2.0 remote support service for their optical sorting systems, enabling Key service technicians to securely connect to a customer’s sorter for real-time remote monitoring and technical support. Now with 24/7 call center support and delivery of quarterly status reports, RemoteMD 2.0 helps optimize equipment performance to protect food safety and ensure product quality while increasing machine uptime and reducing service costs.

Establishing a secure two-way remote connection, RemoteMD provides a Key service technician with detailed information about the system’s health and operating condition. The technician reviews the status of hardware and software and identifies potential improvements that can help the customer improve their system performance and uptime. When required, RemoteMD facilitates the delivery and installation of software updates and patches.

If a customer needs technical support, RemoteMD reduces the likelihood an onsite service technician is required, since many issues can be diagnosed and corrected remotely by Key. If an in-person service visit is necessary, a remote system audit can speed resolution by providing information about the system’s health and identifying parts needed prior to the technician’s arrival. 24/7 call center support is available for troubleshooting urgent issues, while non-urgent issues are handled during regular business hours.

RemoteMD is available as a standalone service or as part of more comprehensive service packages. Customers who are operating their equipment only a few months of the year can choose a seasonal RemoteMD plan that is active for the specific period. When customers bring new workers on board or want to deepen the skill set of current operators, RemoteMD enables interactive remote training courses on the sorting system.

RemoteMD is compatible with Key’s VERYX®, COMPASS®, OCULUS, Manta®, Optyx®, and Tegra® optical sorting systems as well as the ADR®, and ADR EXOS® automatic defect removal systems. It can be installed on new systems and retrofitted on equipment in the field. RemoteMD is compatible with multiple best-in-class connectivity solutions.

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