Traceability can unlock value in the food industry, both up and down the production and distribution chain, and SIMBA Solutions provides a solution that any processor can implement. The SIMBA system collects real-time production, traceability, inventory, and shipping information using touch computers and barcoding.

The Logistics module within the full SIMBA system manages finished goods inventory, including locations, moves, adds, and shipping to a customer, order, and other fields. The module uses mobile barcode scanners to perform all functions, either in batch mode (for facilities that do not have a reliable wireless connection) or using WiFi in real-time.

The upgraded SIMBA Logistics module has verified response times of less than one second, enabling workers to pick orders and load trucks quickly. This information with updated current inventory is immediately available to management and sales teams.

SIMBA quickly labels and records product at receiving, thereby reducing data entry, and traces product indefinitely with well-kept records for ease of auditing. Operators can trace fresh food back to the boat or field from which it came, the day it was processed and packed, and everywhere it has been since. The Logistics module records when an item ships along with its destination and order number or container or truck ID.  

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