Custom Stainless Enclosures Inc.’s 4Xxtreme® Double Seal Enclosures for extreme indoor and outdoor environments are built to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining peak sanitation standards, and are ideal for the food and beverage industry. 4Xxtreme® Enclosures feature patented Double Seal and Double Stud® Mounting Technology, an ultra-clean free-draining design, an award-winning “Single Hygienic Quarter Turn Door Design,” and a field replaceable blue gasket system, resulting in an enclosure with the lowest overall cost of ownership.

4Xxtreme® Double Seal Enclosures are UL Type 4X rated, with additional ratings of IP66 and IP69K. Custom Stainless Enclosures is the first company in North America to Manufacture IP69K High Pressure WashDown -rated enclosures. All Custom Stainless Enclosures’ washdown ratings have been third party tested and verified by UL.

The enclosures’ 4Xxtreme® Double Seal technology offers multiple layers of protection. The outer seal rejects 99.9999 percent of water, so the inner seal never sees any water pressure. Any water that does get through the outer seal is minimal and easily passes through the weep holes in the bottom of the enclosure door, ensuring there is never water buildup between the two seals.

All 4Xxtreme® Double Seal Enclosures also feature a field replaceable blue gasket system, which is an easy-to-install, “push on" style gasket that requires minimal installation labor. The gasket system is made from an EPDM material that is highly chemical-resistant and can handle consistently high temperatures of 250 °F (121 °C). In addition, because the gasket material is blue, all 4Xxtreme® gaskets are considered foreign material-detectable.

All 4Xxtreme® Double Seal Enclosures also feature a 2021 Process Expo Innovation Award-winning single hygienic quarter-turn door design. The biggest problem with electrical enclosures in food plants is that people do not turn all quarter turns to properly close an enclosure door. By minimizing the number of door closure points to one, this design reduces premature electrical failures, increases plant production and revenue, and reduces the overall cost of equipment ownership.

4Xxtreme® patented, welded-in-place Double Stud® Mounting System provides secure mounting for the back panel on the inside while providing an external mounting means from the outside, which eliminates any need for mounting gaskets. This system also simplifies the installation process, which reduces customers' cost of installation labor and the overall cost of ownership.

4Xxtreme® Customized Solutions provides its customers with seven top configurations as opposed to the usual two, which is more than any other electrical enclosure manufacturer on the market today. The combination of 4Xxtreme®’s patented Double Seal Technology, field replaceable gasket system, single quarter turn door design, patented Double Stud® Mounting System, custom configuration options, and overall hygienic design give 4Xxtreme® Enclosures the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. These key features keep internal electrical components safe and greatly extend the product’s life cycle.

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